Notes about Edinburgh


  • I must have walked up and down this street, and countless others like it, dozens of times over the weekend.  It would explain why my calves are squealing in agony today.
  • As Marcus Brigstocke observed, Edinburgh is a city where you can set out to go somewhere and walk uphill, and on the way back to where you came from you somehow still find yourself walking up a hill!
  • Log fired haggis pizza.  That is all.  Once I discovered the existence of this it was pretty much all I ate.
  • I feel like I’m saying this an awful lot lately, but going to the Fringe alone made me really crave the company of another person.  I mean, I kinda like the freedom of doing things by myself, but I can’t help but think that there were so many great things I might have missed because I didn’t have the input of someone else.
  • David O’Doherty’s song about how Lance Armstrong ruined his life between 1999 & 2005 was probably my highlight of the weekend.
  • Starting drinking at 11.30 on a Sunday morning was both a novelty and a bad idea.
  • From my strictly non-scientific research, I would gauge that the majority of festival-goers are not Scottish.
  • Probably the best thing about the Fringe is accidentally discovering something great, especially when the act looks completely bonkers.  In The Banshee Labyrinth on Saturday evening I saw “Rythmn Method”, which was a group of comedic musical poets comprising of The AntiPoet and Mark Niel – with the latter apparently being the official Poet Laureate of Milton Keynes.  They turned out to be very enjoyable Saturday evening entertainment, despite their appearance.
  • Avenue Q was well worth the wait.
  • Having thought about it, I now think that Edinburgh is less like Lord of the Rings and more Game of Thrones.
  • I can’t believe I’m almost 30 and had never done a weekend at the Edinburgh Festival until now.  I’m already looking forward to next year.