Vampire Weekend @ The Hydro, Glasgow

Going to a Vampire Weekend gig is such a chilled out experience that the pit is almost more of a place one goes to exchange tips on accessorising scarves or corduroy sweaters, rather than being the place to mosh and rock out.

Backed by the phenomenal acoustics in the new Hydro Arena on the Clyde, Vampire Weekend put together a sublime set which demonstrated that – off the back of their excellent third album Modern Vampires of the City – they are a band at the peak of their powers, and the coolest to come out of New York since The Strokes.

The opening trio of tracks walked us backwards through the band’s catalogue, with the infectiously catchy Diane Young, White Sky and Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa whipping the audience into a mild-mannered frenzy.

Every song was greeted rapturously by the enthusiastic Glasgow crowd who had been waiting a few years for a Vampire Weekend fix.  This was a near-perfect performance filled with rhythmic brilliance and a cascade of catchy hooks and a breathless procession of pop hits.  From Unbelievers to the jaunty Holiday and the older material of A-Punk and Oxford Comma, they were all here and superb.


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