City and Colour @ O2 Academy, Glasgow

I’m not sure what’s happened since I last (and first) saw City and Colour play at the sparsely filled King Tuts tent at T in the Park 2011, but the O2 Academy was busier and more boisterous last night than I’ve seen it in the last year, save maybe for Counting Crows.

Dallas Green’s City and Colour seem to have exploded in popularity; perhaps off the back of their successful stint supporting Biffy Clyro and the release of their fourth album The Hurry and the Harm last year.

For a set which consisted largely of songs dealing with death and loneliness the reaction of the audience to each track was one of almost boyband proportions of screaming.

One of the few things I find difficult about listening to City and Colour is that I’m not particularly fond of Dallas’s voice.  I can’t explain exactly why, but it really begins to grate on me after a few songs.  This wasn’t so much the case last night as the guitars and drums shared an equal stage with Dallas’s voice.  There was almost an edgier, rockier sound to the music; almost as if to compete with the spectacular stage lighting and dry ice.  There were extended jams, guitar solos and lengthy bouts of wailing from Green:  this was a big sound for a big show.

Everything sounded bigger, louder and grander.  Dallas’s harmonica echoed painfully on Body in a Box and guitars dominated Sorrowing Man in an epic finale to the main set.  The Girl was, naturally, the evening’s most popular singalong opportunity.  That little part in the middle, where the song goes all quiet as though to tease an ending, only to explode into folksy glory was even better live.


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